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 Past Meetings - 2021


January 2021

Ten members logged on to zoom for the January meeting when Christine gave a brief talk on poetry and read some examples including on of her own poems. Several members had written poems and read them out.

We also talked about the Winter Solstice writing challenge and a couple of these were read. Piers's poem was called 'Winter Solstice' which fitted both challenges. 

Although the zoom meetings are filling the gap left by not being able to meet in person it is a shame that Lesley and Barbara both had difficulty and kept 'fading away'.


February 2021

Eight members logged on to Zoom for the February meeting which had kindly been set up by Sharon. We started off with Christine who said a few words about poetry and recommended some modern poets to us, including Les Murray and May Oliver. Christine then read three of her own poems. The first, 'A Day in Brid' evoked childhood memories of visits to the seaside. This was followed by 'Drawn from Life' and 'Back to the Drawing Board' about a drawing life class. Christine's poetry always goes down well and provoked a lively discussion.

Next up was Piers with a further chapter of his novel, continuing the story of Tori and her friends at Uni. Another lively discussion centred on the dialogue between the young people and the difficulty of keeping up with trends.

Sharon's contribution, 'The Book Ghost' was an atmospheric piece with some lovely descriptions which left us wanting to hear more.

'Reality', John's contribution asked some interesting questions and debated the 'reality' of dreams. Another interesting discussion ensued.

Finally, Christabel read 'The Shell Collector' bringing to a close an evening that showed what a diverse group we are.

The meeting closed after Robbie reminded everyone that the next meeting is the AGM and asked members to let her have any items to be discussed.