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Chichester Writers' Circle

  the meeting place for Chichester’s writers

 Programme 2021-2022


Please note that our programme of physical meetings is suspended until coronavirus restrictions have been lifted. In the meantime meetings will be conducted via Zoom.  Login will be distributed to registered members.

(May be subject to change)


April 6th                    

Discussion– Power Words – what are they? Via zoom  

May 4th                      

Reading and commenting on members’ work. Via Zoom

June 1st                       

First face to face meeting – Karen Stevens talk and workshop  on Writing Against Stereotypes. Karen will set a competition                 

July 6th                      

Reading and commenting on members’ work?

August 3rd                 

Beryl Fleming talking about Character and Conversation  - Beryl will set a and judge a competition

September 7th             

Discussion on ‘Show Don’t Tell’ led by Robbie

October 5th                

Geoffrey Winch on the Poetry of Walt Whitman, the Bard of democracy. Competition

November 2nd            

Workshop with Lesley Pardoe  (to be confirmed)

December 7th            

Christmas Readings and seasonal refreshments



January 3rd                

Writing for Blogging Platforms

February 1st                

Self publishing (content to be arranged)

March 1st                   

AGM  and reading of members’ work


Those wishing to read their work should circulate to members by email before the meeting (maximum 1500 words).